PS3: SFIV TE fight stick question

if you have a SFIV TE fight stick for PS3, does your turbo button work?

I’m playing SFII HDRemix and decided to turn on the turbo button, I would press the button and nothing happens, no lights came on.

i don’t have one but i think it should…:confused:

nevermind, I just had to RTFM (and its super super fine print)

Way to rub in several people’s faces that they don’t yet have the TE stick. sheesh.

Ah well, let’s see your TE in action. See you in HD!

push the turbo button for a few seconds then the button u want to enable turbo on, I had to do it a few times before i got it down.

unf for me, the stick on one of the te’s (PS3) didn’t register commands properly, so I’m sending it in next week for repairs :stuck_out_tongue: