PS3 SFIV to Egret III

Hey, I am contemplating picking up an Egret III to play SFIV through my ps3.

I believe that that the III monitor is vga, so would I only need the mayflash ps3 vga cable to get it hooked up?

Just planning on using my cthulhu to wire the sticks and buttons?

Am I missing something? Sounds too easy…

thanks for the help

You’re going to need an HDFURY to get rid of the HDCP copy protection.

Do this: HDMI to DVI Cable -> HDFURY DVI to VGA -> VGA Cable to Egret3

The Mayflash vga cable for the ps3 wouldn’t work?

That should work fine since only HDMI/DVI carry HDCP.

Games should be fine, but Blu-Ray movies won’t playback without HDCP.

So Sony sells you a system that can’t play blu rays out of the box? Going to go check to see…not saying I don’t believe you, but pretty lame if true.

You cant play blu-ray movies through a digital video output (DVI/HDMI) on a screen that does not support HDCP. But almost every screen with a digital input supports HDCP nowadays. However through the analog output (Component/Composite/VGA/SCART) you can play everything you want.

A Ps3 can play Blu-Rays through any cable
3 prong AV / S-Video - 480i
5 prong Av / VGA … - 480i/480p/720p/1080i
Hdmi / Dvi? … - 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p

whats an Egret III?

a cab

oh shit, is hard– down?