PS3 SFxT DLC Characters Not Working :( Help Please!


I purchased the SFxT DLC character pack and DLC costumes on the US playstation store, but can’t play any of the characters. I have tried re-downloading and installing the DLC, re-installing the v2013 patch, even resetting the PS3, however no luck :frowning: I purchased the DLC on the US playstation store, and the game was bought in S. Korea (where I am currently located), however since PS3 is region-free, the different locations couldn’t be the cause of all this, right?

Any ideas as to why the game won’t detect the DLC?? I tried searching for related problems, but couldn’t find any. Any help or input would be appreciated T.T


If you bought a South Korean version of SFxT, then you need DLC from the matching Playstation Store. You’ll need to get a US copy to use your purchased DLC.


Games are region free, DLC is not.


Ahhh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up! I guess I’ll have to have someone ship over a us copy then :-/ Unless psn starts selling it…