PS3 six button controller?

Ok now that HD Remix is out I want a controller for my PS3. I like my Nubytech PS2 controller, but they don’t make a controller for PS3. Does anybody have any suggestions.

Use a stick.

Try searching ebay for the pelican converter/adapter, which allows PS2 to PS3 controller converting. It’s hard to find in stores now.

Pshh, fierce punch and roundhouse kick are for scrubs. You only need the four face buttons; hold that shit like a Tekken player!

2 choices, really: 1. Converter for a PS2 SFAE 6b pad, or 2. wait until the Madcatz SFIV pads comeout in late January/early February

(or you could just get a stick and play it the way it was made to be played)

Ok so what sticks do you guys recommend? I had hacked up an arcade stick for my Dreamcast, but I’m not brave enough to try to hack a Sixaxis

how much money are you looking to spend?

You should be able to use just about any PS2 to USB converter that people use on their PC’s for emulators. My radioshack converter works on the PS3 with no lag. Though I dont use a pad I just use stick. That or like already mentioned wait for the madcatz SF4 pads coming out next year.

^^WOO I didn’t know that

I also got one of those radioshack converters

i need me some radoshaq, those converters are dope as fuck.

The greatest ‘controller’ for fighters is the Sega Saturn pad. And you can buy Saturn controllers with a USB port, and it works with PS3 perfectly.

I bought one for around 19 bucks.

Fuck that, hack an arcade stick PCB and throw in into a controller. Pull the back off a Saturn pad and just let the PS3 PCB hang there soldered into place, that shit would be awesome.

Yep, best joypad, I play with that myself. Stick is better though!

Playing fighting games on a pad is like trying to play drums with your dick.

It just doesnt work.

I almost take this like a challenge. There’s an old drum set in the recording room at work.


I wonder, as arcades keep goin exctint… Will fighting games eventually be made for controllers rather then sticks, doing special moves and such in more pad-friendly ways?

And would that lead to people making custom pads? After all, there’s nothing like a warrior making his own sword (or getting a custom sword from a famous swordsmith).

On the other hand, arcade controllers would still be just as usable as pads(unless the control schemes are really crazy!), and they would probably stick around as a sort of tradition or status symbol.

Yes man BEAT IT OUT.

Il take that challenge. the controller one.
I might add you randomly to play sf2hd if you have it and use the xbox 360 controller.

if your’re up for it.

If I am going to be playing a game on a pad, I’m gonna use the Saturn USB pad, as well.

forget it

Japan the place where these games come from still has a strong arcade scene.