PS3 SixAxis mod


Hi, I got a PS3 wireless that’s been all wired and soldered up, I was wondering where I can find a long cable similar to the same one that came with the PS3 for charging.

I don’t even know what they are called. :frowning:

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


USB male A to male mini B:

10 Ft.:

15 Ft.:


Whoa, thanks for the quick response.

Just realized something though, would there be any loss of input due to the length?

Other than that, thanks for the response. :smiley:


Maximum length for USB cable without signal degradation is 5 meters I believe, which is like 16.4 FT.

10Ft or 15Ft. works fine.


Alrighty then. Thank you very much.


isn’t the cable just for charging? Since the sixaxxis connects through bluetooth?


When plugged in it sends input data through the cable. It’s why you can use a Sixaxis/DualShock 3 on PC with the appropriate drivers.


How about if I dual mod the controller with a MadCatz controller.

Are there any specific solders or connections I will have to do similar to a PS1 DS / 360 dual-mod?


The fact that the sixaxis is not common ground will make it a bit more difficult to dual mod with.


Ugh, son of a bitch.


So here’s a picture of the PS3 pcb I was talking about.

After looking at this and the pcb’s off Slagcoin, these don’t look anything like the SixAxis.

My other question is, is this common ground or not?


It would of helped if you took a picture of the other side. The side that had all the button contact pads at.

Luckily for you, all you need to do is take a multimeter and check for continuity. The object of the game is to make it go BEEEEEPPPPP! To do so, take one probe and touch that one pin that says GND. Then with the other probe, touch all of the button’s copper contacts. If you get it to beep for one of the sides of all the button contacts, then you have a winner.


There’s actually no copper contacts on the flip side, aside from where the wires were soldered to on that row.

So if I touch one ground and one contact, and it beeps with every one of those contacts on the row, it’s a common ground?


You actually need to keep it on one ground, and test it against the other grounds. If it’s common ground, it should beep with all of them.


Back to my previous question though, if it is common ground, is it just a simple solder and wire job? Or do I have to do some special PS3/360 solder like the PS1 DS power source to 360 power source?


With all Dual Mod, you will have to connect the Power of both PCB together.