Ps3 Slim MvC2 freezing problems

The game freezes anytime I search for a match on Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (player or scoreboard)…

Is this a normal problem that they haven’t patched yet? It doesn’t happen here and there… it’s EVERYtime I search :mad:

Is there anything I can do (settings wise) to fix this? Or am I just doomed to quickmatching?

It does that on my oldschool 80 gig as well. Basically, backbone screwed everyone again.

Not your PS3. Backbone just sucks the big one.

Fuck we need a freaking 3.01 update… NOW!

That happened the first time I searched for matches. What was even more unacceptable was that when I rebooted the system and loaded the game again, it wouldn’t even go past the first screen and froze right there again.

So I rebooted AGAIN, and this time I deleted the save file for marvel before loading the game, and it’s worked ok so far including searching for matches.

froze 3 times in a row for me (requiring a hard reset each time)… then i found this thread.

deleting the save file as laugh said, worked for me the first time, but now its broken again.

fuck you backbone. i was going to buy hd remix, but fuck it now. just hurry up and patch marvel.

I’ve been having problems with it but I thought it was just me, so you’ll excuse me when I say