Ps3 + sony HT-DDW790


hope this is the right section.
hello guys, i have this home theatre system with a ps3 and i’d like to know how to configure my ps3 console in order to play games and only that, i do not care about watching films, i just want to play games with 5.1 audio.
does someone have it? i just need all correct audio settings on ps3.
i’ll provide more info about my home theatre if needed.
thanks for your help guys.


You need to connect the optical audio out straight into your power amp for the 5.1 audio system. here is a thread from another forum that someone else had the same question.


thanks for the reply Jasin.
as regards the video i got a nordmende standard crt tv, so i don’t think i need hdmi.
i’d like to play beat’em ups mostly, obvious :smiley:
i was referring to other options in the menus though, like linear pcm, mixed bitstream and direct bitstream.
another thing, what is the multiple audio out?
lastly, if i select digitale ottico, there are various options like dolby digital 5.1, dts 5.1, aac, and four options named linear pcm 2 with 44,1 khz, 88,2, 176,4 and 48.
linear pcm 2 44,1 and 48 are already checked by default and i can’t uncheck them, what does that mean?


it works now, but only with games like twisted metal and other games on disc.
on the ps3 dashboard (XMB) and games installed on HD like street fighter 3 3rd strike online edition, the amp/receiver does NOT provide dolby digital/dts, is there a solution for that? thanks.