Ps3, SSF4, and input lag


I’ve been playing SSF4 for awhile on the 360 on a modded SE stick - i’ve gotten pretty good at plinking and 1 frame combos. I have a 50" panasonic plasma - i am sure it has some lag (especially compared to the asus evo monitors) but it seems to be better than other tv’s ive played on.

I’ve been getting more into the competitive scene so I attended NCR (which was run on ps3) so i had to buy a PS3 TE. At NCR which was run on the asus evo monitors - i didn’t seem to notice the ps3 input lag which i have read about before.

However, back at home on my plasma the ps3 version definitely feels laggier than the 360. I’m sitting in training mode with the inputs on - and i’m noticing my inputs not coming out correctly when i attempt to plink. It seems as if the timing is stricter, even kara throwing with ken seems stricter as well.

Is this a function of the input lag or something else within the ps3 code? I was super excited to buy this TE and now i’m frustrated that i feel input lag on the ps3 version. I thought 1-2 frames of lag wouldn’t be noticeable but it’s driving me NUTS!

What can i do? Is buying an asus evo monitor the best bet?


The difference between the two version of the game is about the console, I think (not sure) the 360 is about of 2 frames input lag, and the PS3 has 3 frames for imput lag, thats the difference. Buy another monitor don’t solve the problem, it´s about the lag of the consoles


360 has 4 frames delay on input, PS3 has 5.

Let’s assume you have a 1080p display. The 360 will scale 720p games like SSF4 internally to 1080p, so your TV receives a 1080p signal. PS3 will not do this, so your TV will receive a 720p signal and must upscale it. Slow upscalers in TVs are pretty common. This could be the source of your lag, given that you played on PS3 at NCR on a non-laggy monitor and didn’t notice any problem.

It is even possible that your TV has a small amount of lag at 1080p, making the 360 version on your TV feel like the PS3 version on a no-lag display (hence you noticing no difference at NCR). Then it would be natural for the PS3 on your TV to lag very noticeably, given the native frame delay plus whatever upscaling delay your TV has.


My tv is actually 720p - but for some reason it accepts a 1080p signal (i’m assuming it downscales it then?) When i hit info on my remote it says it’s in 1080p mode when i have the 360 or ps3 hooked up. I decided to uncheck every other resolution on the ps3 so that its locked in at 720p - but i still notice the input lag …UGH :-/


If you are using hdmi, you could try using vga on the 360 - it’s usually the case that there is noticeable lag introduced by the hdmi interface (negotiation, drm and scaler-lag all contribute), while the vga interface has none of these issues.

For the ps3, you can use the composite hd inputs on your tv (I believe), which work the same way. (yay Analog!)

As for the people saying that there is console lag, surely because he’d been playing on a ps3 at ncr, and wasn’t feeling the issue there, it must be to do with the input lag of the telly, and not the console (1f difference) or the stick (~zero lag)?


my tv doesn’t have VGA - but perhaps I will try component for ps3.

I may just go ahead and get that alienware monitor but still surprised that i can tell the difference between ps3 and 360 on my current tv …


When TVs lag less via VGA it is usually because the VGA input is scaled, filtered, and displayed independently of the rest of the image processing components. HDMI and component inputs generally take the same path as far as image scaling and filtering go.


Thanks for putting me right on that, rk - I can see how that would make a difference.

OP - what’s the model number on your tv?
Rk - does this mean that I’m wrong about components being less likely to lag, as they will also get post-processed?


Panasonic PLasmas are pretty damn responsive, so I’m going to say it’s “probably” not your TV.

You see the Viera plasmas are the second most responsive in this test.


You can also set the resolution on your console to match the capabilities of your TV/ Monitor.
Go into your settings and there you can set your consoles output to 480, 720 or 1080.
If your TV only does 720 set your console to 720. No up or down scaling required.

Note: most games only operate at a max of 720p, check the game’s case and manual for details.

Please avoid quoting images, you can get an infraction from doing so here on SRK.


where did you get the table from?


It is likely the component inputs will take a processing path similar to the HDMI and DVI inputs. They could lag less (or more) on some TVs, it just depends.


I’d like to know where you got that from too - it is definately the input lag times, and not the response times? I’m reserving the right to call ‘shenannigans’ until it’s proven that you’re posting input lag, and not response. [obviously I’ll apologise if you have posted the right thing].

Too many people get response time and input lag confused.


My TV is a TH-50PX80U.

It’s a few years older - definitely better than some other tv’s I have played on but still can feel some input lag when playing SF.

Still surprised I feel a difference between 360 and PS3 on the same tv :-/


it’s from and yes it’s the remanence (response time). But then, some panasonic plasma has 0input lag. But some have 72ms. :<

Sadly, I can’t find yours here.


Since we’re talking about input lag, I have some questions.

First off, I use a ps3 pad eventhough I have a mas stick for ps2 with a ps3 converter but refuse to use it cuz I know using a ps2 mas stick will cause input lag(right?). Well, when I use a ps3 pad at my house with my friends, everything is fine, combos, teching and all that shit all good. But when we go to a tournament and play my friends and I noticed that my ps3 lags. I don’t know what the hell happened. First, we thought it was the pad because the red light was flashing which means it needs to recharge, so I plugged in the charger wire. Still lag, I finally just threw the fucking tournament cuz I couldn’t do shit on my pad like I did at home.

As we’re driving home, we both think it’s the fucking tv that made me lag but my friends said thats the tv that is used for EVO. I just stopped asking questions cuz I don’t know the fucking reason I lagged so bad. To let you know how bad I lagged. When I press a button, it takes 1 or 2 seconds for it to come out. I wanna go to tournaments in the future, but If I don’t get this fucking problem fixed, my ass is staying home!!


lol this is this guy on xbox live who plays ssf4 his gt is ps3inputlag


“input lag” is to do with your controller or your console, IE you put in a input and it does. Display lag (response time) is to do with the display. The O.P questioned his plasma display as being the culprit for the lag, I was just confirming the likely hoods are it’s not his display. Although there’s a chance his Plasma might be slower than the EVo monitors, but Plasmas have always been well known to be very responsive, almost as good as CRTs (which are the best).

The table chart came from. .


What are ways to prevent input lag or lag in general when you go out to a tournament? It fucking sucks when you drive 2 hrs to a tournament and turned out you can’t even do a 3 hit combo cuz the buttons won’t even come out unless you keep mashing them…


Input lag is a generic term. You make an input. The input makes something happen on the screen. There is always some delay between your input and what happens on the screen. This delay on a known zero-lag display is the reference amount of delay for that game on that system, and delays greater than that are the ‘lag’. It helps to be specific because input lag could be at the controller, the console, the display, etc., but here we are talking about the display.

You posted pixel response times of displays, but that does not factor in the image processing (scaling, filtering, etc) that the monitor does on input, which is usually where the majority of the delay occurs. When people confuse pixel response times for “input lag”, many many monitors appear to be lag-free or nearly so. But a lot of monitors have fast response times, yet still have unusable amounts of total delay in displaying the image received from the source.

If the tournament uses monitors that lag, they should use monitors that don’t lag. If they are using lag-free monitors then maybe the display you play on at home lags. The only good way to make this work for everyone is to use known-good displays and test to find new ones for their input lag. Nobody who is practicing at home on laggy TVs should expect the same conditions elsewhere.