PS3 Stick Advice

I am looking to get a stick for my PS3 and I would love some advice. I understand the HRAPs are good, but from what I can gather they have the stick in a square fitting vs. a round one. I have thisand this (the ascii fighting stick for PS2) and very much like the feel of both. Can someone recommend something similar?

Well I’m not going to lie to you from what I know from my limited knowledge, all I can say is that the Japanese arcade play with a square fitting. (Square Gate)

The Dreamcast stick that you have (known as “The Green Goblin”) has a square restrictor, which would be the same on any Japanese stick that you would buy.

For PS3 sticks you have 2 choices.

  1. Buy a REAL adapter and get a ps1 or ps2 stick

  2. Buy a PS3 stick.

The ps3 sticks out there right now are:

Hori Fighting Stick 3:

I have this one, I modded it and it feels good. If you like compact sticks then go for this one.

Hori Real Arcade Pro 3:

This one already has a Sanwa JLF stick (very high quality) and you can easily replace the Hori buttons with Sanwa buttons.

Also… Hori are coming out with some new sticks in July…

Is that ASCII fighting stick the one with the Sanwa flash clone (Doesn’t have microswitches but lenses to read movements)? If it’s that then you should just go ahead and keep that stick and mod the buttons. You could get a real adapter from It has no lag like the pelican adapter and costs 12 dollars.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to keep the Square gate on a Sanwa JLF. It takes about 5 minutes to unscrew an HRAP and either 1) Rotate the Square Gate or 2) Replace it with an Octagonal Gate(usually about $5 from the shops that post on here). There’s plenty of faqs and even some youtube vids from Per about this.

Like you, I enjoy a more rounded play on my stick, so I’ve gone with an Octo-gate on my HRAP3, it feels excellent to me.

Hope this helps.