PS3 Stick at PC

Hey Guys i am lookin for a second mad catz te stick the xbox360 version is much more expensive ob ebay than the ps3 stick is it possible to buy the ps3 stick and use it on PC? with an adapter or smth like that? thanks in advance.

I use my PS3 stick on PC to get my Vampire Savior on all the time, I didn’t need any special drivers or anything, just plug into USB, and Windows 7 recognizes it.

it’s true, i own a Ps3 madcatz TE stick. plug n play no drivers needed. I even use the stick for Emulators and GGPO. Edit (should be also noted that i am using windows 7)

But it fails completely on some motherboard chipsets, unlike the 360 TE.

I think the Chun Li PS3 TE is the one of the only ones that works on any computer. I have a Round 1 and it’s incompatible on two of my desktops.

Ah! I didn’t know this! I’m using a ps3 SE, and it works with every PC in my house (they are all Dell laptops, so they probably have the same or similar mobo)

I have the blazblue TE stick and a Dell Xps as well so probably right on the dell theory.