Ps3 stick for Sf4:PC has weirdly mapped buttons!


The search function wasn’t returning any results and there is a 300 second cooldown for searches so I apologize for making this thread.

In short: the button configuration is haywire
O O O O mp hp lk ppp
O O O O mk lp start kkk

or something like that. HK is Start. wtheck??!

Can anybody please help with/also experienced this? I’ve fiddled in the button config options as arcade stick and controller but HK is start. xpadder or keymapping software cant change this constant.



i use a PS3 DS3 controller on my PC, and if you configure your controller in the controller settings BEFORE going into game, you’ll be fine with defaults IN game. (at least from experience)

Now, I did have an issue with PPP and KKK vs HP and HK assigned to my L1/L2 and R1/R2 buttons incorrectly, but this was only when I switched from USB to Bluetooth (bluetooth has the issue and usb doesn’t… weird)

What has happened was that when I switched to Bluetooth, L1/L2 is mapped to R1/R2 and vice versa. So all I did was switch the fuctions in game using the button config settings in options menu. I left the controller config as is just so I don’t have to mess with it that much but you can still set it either way (just not both cuz u’ll get the same result).

So my mapping on USB is:

square = LP
triangle = MP
R1 = HP

cross = LK
circle = MK
R2 = HK

L1 = PPP
L2 = KKK

For Bluetooh I have to switch the following:

R1 = PPP
R2 = KKK

L1 = HP
L2 = HK

Which when you are playing, it ends up being what the USB config is set to.

Hope this helps. If it doesn’t, play with the controller config before going into game, then after you ensure all your buttons are correct, go into training and set ‘show commands’ on and see which commands are being pushed when you press various buttons. Afterwards, fix any errors using the button config in the pause menu and you can try again immediately.


how do u map the keys before the game?


When you open the SF4 launcher, in the window there should be a button labeled “Controller Settings”. Click that and configure your controller to correspond with the Xbox 360 button icons.

For the buttons it should go like this:
A - Cross
B - Circle
X - Square
Y - Triangle
Start - Start
Back - Select
LT - L2
LB - L1
RT - R2
RB - R1