PS3 stick less durable?


so out of my friends who play sf4 and actually use arcade sticks (pad scrubs :rofl:) everyone who plays on ps3 had there sticks break, and the xbox360 peoples still work. does anyone know anything about the ps3 sticks being worse?


Are your comparing Hori Fighting stick 3’s to Xbox 360 Tournament Editions? In that case yes.


Here’s my joke… the 360 sticks lasted longer because the systems they were used on red ringed… and now a real answer… (i have both systems and multiple sticks for both, and none have failed)

The Madcatz and Hori ones are both made with similar parts and designs, and if you look at it, the ps3 ones are actually simpler electronics wise, since they don’t have a digital certificate/signature like the 360 controllers need. And if we learn anything from school its that simple = less chance of breakage.

I have never heard of anything to support the idea that PS3 sticks are worse, or better, just the people that use them may also abuse them.

Good luck.


Honestly, I really don’t think there’s any difference. It’s just the way people use and play on their stick, how hard they bash their buttons etc IMO.