PS3 Stick opinions


Don’t know where else to post this shit

Looking for a stick for PS3. Need suggestions/opinions.

Especially looking for MVC2 player’s opinions (playing MVC2 on ps3).

Currently looking at the two Hori’s and the Sega.


Go to the tech talk forum.

Anyway best advice is, get a good PS2 stick (custom/hrap/mas) and a pelican PS2/PS3 adapter. After that you solve all your PS3 stick woes.


VSHG hands down. Best stick on the PS3 at the moment. HORI is going to release an all sanwa version of their HRAP3 soon, so that might be promising as well.


The Hrap3 is awesome. If you want Sanwa buttons in it, just get some Snap ins since the stick has quick disconnects.


I respect the the components, really, but i’m used to the American style layout… non-ball, straight button pattern…

MAS? any ideas?




It is sold out on Play-Asia, but something like this?


Custom happ PS3 stick?