PS3 stick suddenly wont work on PS4


My (PS3) Mad Catz TE used to work great on PS4 but now it wont work at all, i went back to PS3 and try’d on it and it works fine on PS3 but it wont work anymore on PS4.

Is there anyone who had similar problem and if so is there a way fix this problem?


PS3 sticks don’t work on PS4 except for Skullgirls, MKX and USFIV.


I used it only on USF4.


Does the stick work on any other system? PC, PS3?


I don’t play any of those games but don’t you need to have a DS4 pad connected or something to make PS3 sticks work?


It works great on PS3, it use to work on PS4 with USF4 but now it simply wont work.


Probably has something to do with the recent patch.


i think so too.


It still works. I’m trying it out now. You have to wirelessly connect your PS4 controller to the system and select a profile. After that, start USF4 and when the game loads plug in your PS3 stick and it works. I’m doing this on a Hori RAP KAI. If you are following these instructions and it still isn’t working then plug your stick to your PC and go to Control Panel -> Setup USB game controller and if you don’t see your stick there, then something is wrong with your USB cable.


I just try’d it again on PS3 and it work flawless on PS3, but on PS4 its still dead, so its not the USB cable.

Well ill have to buy a TE2 stick then i guess.