PS3 stopped working. Need help!

I dont know if this is the right spot to ask this, if it isnt mods can move it for me. Thanks

Anyway, my PS3 stopped working on me, it powers on and everything, but it just doesnt read any more games. I tried loading a bluray disc, regular DVD, and a PS3 game. None of them reads. I dont know if theres a fix for this or anything, or if theres a place I can take it to that can fix it rather cheap. Sony is asking for $180+ and me covering shipping both ways for labor and stuff. Im in the Southern California LA area if you guys can recommend me a place! Thanks in advance.

I’ve had the same problem. The first time i’ve send it to Sony (within the waranty period) and they shipped it back in 4 days. They said that they replaced the Bluray drive… But they didn’t even test the system because it was even worse then the first time because it didn’t even accept the discs, let alone read them. The second time they did replace the drive with a new one and I did’nt have any probs afterwards.
because it’s the faulty drive you could try to claim waranty because it is a well known problem (dutch forum/topic on this subject had about 100 pages of replies with the same problem). The other way is to find a replacement Bluray drive i guess.
Good luck.

I could do it for you!

I use to fix these things, but is yours the older model PS3? What are the first letters of the serial number + like 2 numbers?

All you have to do is replace the laser in the Blu-ray drive.