PS3 Street Fighter 4 FightPad


yeah, after driving around for close to 3 hours, I finally found kinda what I was looking for.

I have 3 sf4 fight pads(PS3) in hand.

Ryu, Chun, and Blanka.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a PS3 atm.

Does anyone wanna trade for a 360 one or maybe trade a regular sf4 fightstick for 2 of them(doubtful)?

I live in Florida, in the Palm Beach area if anyone is interested in buying them.


you guys need to read the rules, its a sticky. go read it. :annoy:


put this in the beginning of the thread title WTT


I suggest banning the shit outta ppl for not reading the the TF rules


I suggest u read them again then, cuz you and everyone else who posted in here would be banned.

oh, and lick my balls.

Read the first post;

Also, congratulations on alienating potential buyers with your “lick my balls” comment.


closed, you were better off just deleting this but enjoy your infraction.