Ps3 Street Fighter IV FightStick play ps2 games?

is there any update if the stick plays with ps2 games now?? or else might just invest on the hrap3.

Nope, nothing yet. If you need that, the hrap3-sa would be the best way to go. $119 on Amazon right now.

Yes my FS3 and HRAP both play old PS2 games… Unlike the Mad Crapz which doesn’t

Does anyone understand why the stick doesn’t work with ps2 games?

Driver isn’t out for it. Friend of mine works at Gamestop, he spoke with a Madcatz rep about this a few months ago, she told him the driver exists, but Sony wouldn’t let them release it because of some future hardware coming. Seems logical to assume she was talking about the PS3 slim, but if that were the case, with the slim out the driver should be available, assuming it works now. That’s also assuming the Madcatz rep knew what she was taking about.