PS3 Street Fighter IV Instant Matchmaking Thread


I just thought of making this thread because I personally find the regular Matchmaking threads tedious. I can’t be bothered to search through hundreds of peoples posts to find someone to fight. Also, there’s no way of knowing if that person is active at the time of adding.

I thought “Instant Matchmaking” would be less tedious and better (for some). So in this thread, you have to be active in SFIV at the time of your post. Just post as follows if you want to fight someone immidiately:


Then just hit eachother up when you get a reply (in this thread preferably, but you can PM the user if you want, which in my oppinion is more work than just replying here).

This is only temporary since I don’t think I’m allowed to double post:

PSN ID: MartinioSWE
Country: Sweden

I wanna fight anyone close to Sweden (connection purposes obviously), so just reply to me and I’ll add you so we can start a fight as soon as possible=)


Yo good idea