PS3 Study Group?

I’m new to SRK so I’m not sure if there is already one established, but on Dustloop I was a member of the BlazBlue PS3 study group. Basically you make a PS3 text chatroom and you invite anyone willing to participate, and you pretty much fight in a private lobby and give each other advice in between matches on what they should fix with their characters and the such. I dont know if it will work too well in this game seeing as their is no spectator mode which kinda sucks but it can still be effective. If anyone’s willing to participate my PSN is EinherjarJSRF
This is for MVC3 btw

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yeah, why not, as long as the connection is good enough im down to it

Hecatom you seem familiar, have you played BB: CS?

This seems interesting i guess ill give this a try.

This sounds like a really awesome idea. I would do it if I play MvC 3, but I have no interest in it right now. Maybe sometime in the future if I just so happen to pick it up, I’ll definitely check back here and see if it’s up and running.

Psn: flytai45

I’m down for the study group but uhhh idk if I overlooked something but it wasn’t to clear to meas to what time and what day(s) this thing will be taking place.

God knows I’d need the help. Shoot me an invite.

PSN: Sferzar

Let’s just hope it isn’t too laggy.

As long as you don’t delete the chatroom and only leave it when you turn your PS3 off you can just join the chat whenever you turn your PS3 on and you’re playing MvC3 hopefully this thing gets big enough so that there is bound to be someone there, and If not just wait and practice on your own or play player matches. That’s how we did it on dl for the BB study group

im in

Okay so can some1 invite me in to the chatroom?

i’ll start it up tommorrow

What time u gonna start this bad boy up???

I sent and fq’s invites to everyone who was interested

send it to me again. i didnt get one.