PS3 Super Slim


Ugly, but it is small, making it much easier to carry.

Unboxing video



does it play ps2 games?


Does it play snes cd-rom games?


Not enough room in my house! Fuck, should have bought a Super Slim.


I actually kinda like the white one. My gunmetal gray PS3 is still running fine, though I’m sue it won’t last forever. I may pick up the super slim white one when I have nothing more pressing that I want.


I need one in my life!


I’ll buy the white version if they release it in the US. I’m still using the fatboy 80gb model.


Gotta get rid of all those Moblin bodys now.


I’ll just wait for the Blue PS3 Slim to come stateside…


Didn’t they already say it was coming to NA? Maybe I’m mistaken…


does it do what nintenDONT?


You can always hit the reset button for $599.


We already have a dedicated PS3 thread on page 1 of general discussion. This thread isnt needed. Talk about slim ps3 stuff there.