PS3 Super Street Fighter IV FightStick TE: "For the PC"

For some the PS3 TE FightStick is “plug n play” but for others this might be the solution:

Original Poster’s post found here:

Went through the steps myself and can confirm its validity; Worked for me anyway.

I’m on my decent laptop that can run SFIV okay, and it recognizes the stick and everything, but when I go to button config, I can’t figure out which buttons to use, as none seem to do anything.

Already been discussed in several threads. Hell, it’s even on MadCatz’s website.

@ SaikyoDan

Follow at your own discretion as I’m not certain this will work:

Something like this might do the trick but make sure that you meet the follow:

Again, that is from the same poster mentioned in my original post.

Here’s what I found on MadCatz site:

I guess what I’m sharing is the “workaround”. I’m merely sharing my experience with others so that they may possibly find a solution that they may have been seeking. If this is considered clutter, I’m sure the admins will erase it.