PS3 support on MC Cthulhu

Hello SRK, my step-dad and I are going to do a MC Cthulhu and rj45 detachable cable project. I’m just wondering if there’s PS3 support on the MC Cthulhu. Thanks to anyone who helps.

Any kind of Cthulhu has PlayStation 3 support.
Be weird to not have, since the main of Cthulhu is to do PlayStation 3.

So would you use any USB cable to connect to the MC Cthulhu? And would I be able to use it with the rj45 mod?

Yes to the USB.

Yes to the RJ-45.
Only time use RJ-45 is on Multi-Console Cthulhu anyways.

Thanks for the replies. I know I’m sounding kinda noobie, but I just want to make sure because I’m new to this. Which row in the MC Cthulhu would I put the USB connections to? I want to install a PS2, and Gamecube in it. And to make the whole to fit the jack, can it be anywhere in the case? (I’m using a 360 TE).
Answers here.

I would suggest you read the first post of the Cthulhu thread where all of the FAQs are. So far, all of your questions were already answered there.