PS3 system diagnostic

Turn on your PS3 from the console, it will of course beep once, but hold your finger on the power button.

Your PS3 should beep a second time, but keep holding your finger on the power area. It will then beep twice really quickly, let go of the power button.

A message should pop up stating to plug your Sixasis/DS3 into the USB port of your PS3 and to press the PS button. A list of options will pop up, select “Restore System File.”

Your system will shut off and, if you’re like me with frequent freezing and lock up problems, the system diagnostic will conclude that your console files are corrupt and it will fix your “registry” problems. The only things you sacrifice is stored mail in your Sent and Received box.

I’ve had to do this twice and it seems like the second time has been the charm for me. I haven’t had any XMB, chat box, or in game freezes so far. :slight_smile:

Very nice information to share sir.

But I turn my PS3 on with the PS button(on the controller) D: you should edit it for simple minded people who will sit at home with their finger on the PS button all like “wtf dbostick fucking lied to me”

Yeah well we all know Dbostick is a great big fat filthy lying Xbox fan boy who plots to destroy all our PS3s with sinister misinformation.

Lol nah im joking, a completely random comment by a random person.

Thats a great tip, thanks Dbo. Hopefully it will save me hundreds of pounds on medication for my blood pressure…

It really is frustrating having the game crash on you all the time. Especially when you spend like half an hour typing a message with the controller only to find out its frozen or it fails to send. Its strange that i’ve only had the problem since downloading HDR.

But thumbs up !

I just like to confirm that it worked like a charm. I didn’t lose my mail either.