PS3 TE + 360 Pad + IMP/Ribbon Cable


Two questions:

I was trying to think of a one cord setup for a PS3 TE + 360 pad and thought to use the Imp to switch between signals. My wiring model is as follows:

PS3 GND/VCC to 360 pad GND/VCC
PS3 D-/D+ to Imp 1D-/1D+

Imp GND/VCC to 360 pad GND/VCC
Imp GUIDE to PS3 Home

360 D-/D+ to Imp 2D-/2D+

Has anyone tried anything similar to this? Is it possible?


When my friend was modding his controller, the 6 pin ribbon cable from the PS3 TE PCB came off (…). I’ve been trying to reconnect it for him but I get no reading from any button. I started by connecting what I would intuitively think would be the GND cable. I’ve tried soldering a wire directly to the pin on the barrier strip and still no responses from any of the other buttons that are connected. Any ideas?



that’ll work, that’s what its used for after all

which 6 pin ribbon cable? to the buttons?

If you have to, just take apart the ribbon cable and solder straight onto the terminal block. If you’re going to do one, do all of them.

The stick works 100% otherwise right?
if not it may be a pcb problem


Wasn’t too sure about the layout regarding voltage issues since all three PCBs have to share power amongst 2 slots.Thanks for the confirmation.

No, the joystick doesn’t respond either. Its the cable that plugs into CN1, which corresponds to [L1 X O R2 L2 GND] on the barrier strip. I just had a thought, though: this was all through testing through Windows 7. The controller registers as PC USB Wired Stick 8838, but I’ve heard from him that connecting his stick to PCs doesn’t work for him (no idea why). I’m going to try and test on PS3 to make sure.

EDIT: No go on PS3


Nice idea.

We do have something similar for connecting your Ch1mp or Cthulhu