PS3 TE Dual Mod

Just completed a dual mod for a ps3 TE using an Xbox360 madcatz fightpad using a DPDT switch. Just one question though, is the turbo buttons supposed to light up whenever you press a button on the 360. It lights up corresponding to what button you press. Nothing bad happens (I think) and it’s a pretty cool aftereffect but I’m just wondering if that’s normal.

First of all, congratulations for accomplishing a dual-mod and doing it the hard way! :rofl:

Anyhow, no, I don’t think those turbo buttons are supposed to light up.

However, as you say it sounds like a NEAT accident and I probably wouldn’t change it.

I imagine those turbo buttons probably use an LED or other long-lived light structure.

At any rate, knowing this forum, one of anti-Mad Catz crowd will probably come in and tell you not to expect the turbo “lights” to last longer than your next 3 haircuts! :lol:

I also had this “issue” when I did my first couple of dual mods from PS3 to 360 using the 4716 pad, it too did the same thing, the turbo would light up, but after a while it just disappeared… I have no idea why it happens, but its definitely not anything to worry about.

If that’s an issue, I wish it happened when I did my mods!

Oh well, as long as the joystick works that’s all that counts…

shouldn’t happen, but its not like its a bad thing.

its not gonna do anything horrible like kill a pcb or anything? (the stick isn’t mine its a friend’s… main reason why I’m asking)

No it’s not an issue. Make sure you unplug it before you flip the dpdt switch. That should stop it from lighting up the leds.

I think I’m weird, I have an easier time dual modding TEs PS3 > 360 than 360 > PS3.

ps3>360 is pretty straightforward, just more work. only tricky part i’ve had with it was the hex inverters.

360>ps3 takes me about an hour with the chimp,
ps3>360 can take me up to 5 hours just because i have to strip so many damn wires.

Agreed, although this was my first time doing this mod, it didn’t turn out dirty and cluttered. The fun part of this mod was finding out a place to solder the home button to. Used a fightpad though so need for a hex inverter :3

Also just realized from doing this mod that PS3 and Xbox360 madcatz boards are different. Never knew that until this mod.