PS3 TE Dual Pcb


After doing a little reading on the boards, I added a ps1 pcb to my PS3 TE.

(Does anyone know the type of ps1 pcb I’m using?)

Works on both the PS1/2/3, but on the PS3, i sometimes get this little problem.

The ground from the TE joystick is connected to the ground on the pad’s joystick ground.
The 5volt from the TE is connected to the supposed 5 volt on the pad.

At 1st, all the lights on the turbo would stay light up, then go back to normal. It stayed normal for a while then all of a sudden, the controls locked up in the left position (the stick is not being touched while its locked on “left”).

Now the turbo lights are always on (I am still able to disable the turbos on all buttons…but the light stays on).

I have another wire attached to the ground of the TE but not on the ps1 pad (its kinda just tucked in a corner).
If I put this wire on the 5v connection on the ps1 pad, it retarts everything (the turbo lights go back on and the controls unlocks).
I honestly have no idea what I should do to fix this as one of my problems is that I dont know what ps1 pcb I was using (It originally came from a custom stick I bought from jaxel, whos long gone now).