PS3 TE FightStick Available


I have one on hold in WA. Are these still hard to get? I think I’m gonna grab it, I have a XBOX though…


and what make profit on it? are you a fat bastard that lives in your parents basement with no job?


im not fat and i live with my girlfriend??? ru always so angry?


hmmm just curious where you got yours in WA?


so your skinny and live with your girlfreind in your parents basement how dare u! banish him!


anyway should i buy it or uh what?


your mom is my girlfriend and i live in her basement


You have a 360 but you’re getting the PS3 stick anyway? Are you tryna make a profit? Hrmm… I say ship it to me for free :smiley:


Yeah…this forum isn’t the best place to ask if you should profit off of the unfortunateness (is this a word?) of others. I’d say let someone who owns a PS3 and doesn’t have a TE, get it.


im not interested anymore but its sitting at west seattle game crazy right now. someone should defiantly call them and put it on hold.


haha too bad I live in Canada, i’d snatch that off their hands xD


multi system mod it so you can use it on ps3s and xbox 360s.


^^^ Smart, of course, that’s assuming you have the knowledge of modding. Or you could always look at tutorials. But then… you’re also gonna need a PS3 xD

OR, you can sell the dual system stick… or the stick unmodded. That’s still making a profit though. Do what you want dude.


Game crazy seems to be stocking TE sticks

Is there a good source to get TE sticks from? It seems like its so random how to try and get one these days.


Here comes the '09 CCCC-COMBO BREAKER!!!

Seriously please don’t make these kind of threads in TT.