PS3 TE Fightstick Capcacitor Rating?

My PS3 TE Fightstick has been stuck in the down position even if the buttons and joystick components are unplugged within the controller. A friend used a multimeter and determined the capacitor for the down direction has gone bad. Does anyone know the rating so he could potentially try to replace it? Thanks.

you can safely desolder the small brown capacitors with no worry.

Could a defective capacitor cause this problem if they need not be there in the first place?

If the capacitor was bad and shorted the anode and cathode together, then there would be a direction connection between the signal line and ground; the board(s) would think the button or direction was pressed.

What you said sounds right. The down direction is constantly giving out pretty much half a signal which is enough to trigger it. I’ll bring the joystick back to my friend’s house tomorrow and see if he can remove the capacitor.

Thanks for the help thus far Toodles! I’ll be sure to update tomorrow.

No luck after removing the bad capacitor. It looks like the issue is somewhere else on the board.

I might look into buying the SE fightstick and transferring the insides over.

did you consider checking to see if it was in warranty before you started taking things off of the circuit board?

I got the joystick late May last year so I’m well over the 90 day warranty.

Just thought it was worth asking

some places will cover stuff even after the warranty if it’s a known problem

such as the red ring problem on the 360

Well great news: I got my hands on a SE fightstick and transferred the insides over. I didn’t bother soldering anything so I had to drill the USB hole wider and a line underneath the home button for the button connections.

Unfortunately this does mean I wasn’t able to find out what was originally wrong with my TE fightstick but I suspect it was with the main PCB and I probably couldn’t have done anything anyway.