Ps3 TE in mame on windows 7... wont run

So I have 2 sticks, a horrible mayflash arcade stick and a nice ps3 TE. When I go to put in the adjust the controls in mame while playing sf3 the mayflash stick will be detected and will have its buttons mapped. However, when I put my ps3 TE in it won’t map my bottons and acts like nothing is there.

I checked under my control panel and my computer is recognizing that my TE is plugged in… I just can’t get it to work for mame…

I have looked all over the internet for an answer but have found none.

Anyone have any idea as to a solution?

Thanks for your help.

You have to have an intel chipset.

I have an intel processor if that is what you mean.

Means you need an Intel/VIA motherboard that supports UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface) for USB. If not, you need to get a cheap, VIA based USB card. You can learn more in this thread.

So I am guessing that because I am trying to use it on a laptop that there is no solution then…?

If your laptop recognizes the stick, but MAME can’t do anything with it, try Xpadder.
If your laptop doesn’t recognize the stick at all, you might be out of luck.

UHCI is a proprietary technology owned by Intel and VIA. Most other manufacturers refuse to pay to use it and go with the open standards instead. If you have a system that doesn’t support UHCI the system will still recognize the controller, it just won’t accept any inputs. If your laptop is lacking UHCI support I think your only chance is to find a PCMCIA / Express Card USB card with UHCI support.