PS3 TE PCB + 360 TE PCB + imp Dual Mod HELP

I am having trouble getting the this dual mod to work. The PS3 pcb is the “default” pcb and the 360 pcb is the secondary. I basically followed the PS3 TE dual mod tutorial. but it is not working so wiring and soldering should be right. Also the Imp heats up pretty fast which I quick disconnect right away.



also better fielded in toodles’ thread
also run through his trouble shooting

he should be able to help you out

Yeah I think you need to be a bit more specific.

When you say it’s not working, what does that mean?

  1. Does it work on PS3 or 360 at all?
  2. When plugging into the computer, does it get recognised? or does it come up with a “this usb device is not recognised?” Or does it just not make that “usb” noise?

Have you got a multimeter that you can use to check for continuity?

The main things to check for is, if you point to the vcc section of the IMP, do you get continuity to the vcc section of the ps3 and 360 board? Same thing with ground.

If you’re not getting continuity between those boads, you will need to revise your wiring.

There are multiple different scenario’s of why this isn’t working, more information would be needed to help trouble shoot.

I have discovered that the imp was a defect, but luckily I have an extra imp laying around. Now, it seems that PS3 TE PCB isn’t working, but the 360 TE PCB is working just fine. Just to test things out, I solder the USB cable directly to the PS3 PCB. PC just recognize it as an unknown USB device. All my soldering is clean with no bridging.

PCs do not always recognize the PS3 PCB (depends on your chipset). Plug it into your PS3, try it then.

99.9% of the times I’ve had this error, its because I’ve soldered the D+ and D- the other way around.

Check your data wires.