PS3 TE pcb

I recently bought a PS3 TE on eBay for cheap that was advertised as “not powering up.” I just go it today expecting to try to fix the thing, but it works just fine on both PS3 and PC and is in perfect condition. When I popped it open I was surprised at what I saw…

Practically nothing. The location where the 360 version’s PCB would rest is vacant. At first I thought something was up, but I noticed that it seemed like this unit had never been opened, but you can’t always tell.

  1. Is the PCB in the PS3 version THAT small/simple that it can hide under the button QDs?
  2. Is your answer going to give me another reason to hate Microsoft?

Only thing you should see, is a bit of PCB sticking out from under the turbo/home panel where the wiring harness from the JLF connects to.

yup thats all it needs … and yes start hating :smiley:

Microsoft uses a big security chip one most their controllers, the extra PCB looks like where the chip is located. Also has a headphone jack. PS3 doesnt use either, so no need for it to be there.

Wow. Alright thanks for info. I figured this would go back to Microsoft’s security measures…