PS3 TE (round 1) not working on MacBook Pro

Firstly the macbook pro is an intel macbook the exact specs and details are below:

15 inch MacBook Pro, late 2008. Intel core 2 duo (2.4ghz), 4gb ram, Geforce 9600m GT,

I partitioned off 40gb in bootcamp, installed windows 7 (32 bit) and ran driver installation using the snowleopard disc as is customary. I think installed every update for windows and SF:AE through steam.

I plug in the TE stick and windows installs a PC USB Wired Stick 8838. Which the game recognizes, but no buttons or stick movements are remotely recognized either in the button config or in the windows control panel calibration wizard.

Is this the usb chipset at fault? As I know PS3 TEs dont work if not used with the right type of usb port (but I thought macbooks would have a good shot at least)

Is there something else I can do to give this a shot of working?

Hope I can get a quick answer and as always I will be EXTREMELY grateful for any help.

A dual mod with an imp and a brawlpad will fix this… Its common for the ps3 rd1 to have issues with pc… The microsoft chip with the brawlpad will work with pc’s and it’s the easiest fix for this issue imo…