PS3 TE Round 2 Hook up issues

So I got my computer to read it and says:

PC USB Wired Stick 8838

So I tried going into the properties but couldnt manage to get it read any button on my stick

Is there any thing I could do to solve this issue? If there is a thread talking about this issue at hand, please do direct me there


PS3 TE doesn’t work on PC.

It works on PCs, just not those with Nvidia and AMD motherboard chipsets.

A PCI USB card is needed to get it to work on those motherboards.

Nvidia motherboard chipset =/= Intel motherboard chipset. The PS3 TE R1 and SE sticks both work on my PC that is Intel based with an ATI graphics card, and my laptop that is Intel based with an Nvidia card, perfectly fine by just plugging it in and play.

Well you’re the exception.

An incredibly large majority can’t get it to work.

You can use this PCI card to use your stick on your computer. You just have to always plug the arcade stick into the ports on that card and it will work fine. There are some other cards on Amazon too that will work but it’s around the same price.

If you got your stick to use EXCLUSIVELY on computer, I’d suggest returning the stick and buying the XBOX360 version, which doesn’t have the same problem.

Otherwise, the PCI card is about the best you can do unfortunately.

BTW, I am currently using the exact card I linked to for the same purpose, so I’m not just repeating stuff I’ve heard.