PS3 TE stick for AE on PC?

Anyone able to get it working? No luck with mine. If I go into options it is there, and I can set the buttons but not the actual movement stick.

There is an issue with the game, which relate to stick at the moment. They’re trying to resolve the issue before the 11th.

Yeah I know, it’s frustrating because I can load up SF4 PC fine and the stick works, but not for this. I really hope its fixed soon, I cannot go back to the keyboard lol.

Just run a test to make sure the movement actually works on PC. Sometimes, it could be a driver issue.

I opened up SF4 PC and the controller worked perfectly for that. I think that rules out a fault on my end?

Well, if you load the game and then the stick. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. If you have the stick connected before the game. Then it might work. Try that out.

Yeah I tried it with the stick plugged in before the game, and then the stick plugged in after the game loaded. Neither worked for AE.

Okay. Just wait for an update from CAPCOM and hopefully it resolves the issue. Unless, someone knows how to do it.

Yeah, was just trying to find out if anyone had developed some kind of work around. Thanks for your help though, I apperciate it : ).

That worked for my xbox360-te@xbcd drivers.
Basically emulates a xbox360 controller

Thanks! That worked like a charm with my Cthulhu PCB!!! :tup:

I had a similar issue with the stick not working in AE. I just went into options and set all the buttons there and now it works, but the game doesn’t pick it up until I’m at the main menu… I have to use the keyboard to navigate my way there…