PS3 TE stick on windows 7


Please don’t tell me the load of fucking bull shit I been reading is true, that just cause I have a amd chip set this POS fucking stuck won’t work? But my HRAP3 will? Blow me.

and the fight stick 3 doesn’t work either? MY GOD


Those sticks would sell for a lot more if they did that last one.


It has nothing to do with your operating system so I dont know why “windows 7” is in your title


Well i thought, the fight stick 3 didn’t work on 64bit os’s.


windows7 could also be 32bit >_>


only if ur a scrub :(!

but true… so no chance to get fight stick 3 to work on w7 64?


dug around a bit. hori’s supposed to work.


hmm no clue, my hori HRAP3 works, but the Fight stick3 the shitty little black one. Doesn’t :(!


AFAIK it’s the same issue that I’ve read about with the earlier sticks - the PS3 version of the TE stick only supports UHCI which is only used on Intel and VIA chipsets. The 360 version of the TE stick doesn’t have this problem.

EDIT: This PCI adapter will probably work in your computer. Neither Amazon or the card’s manufacturer specifically mentions UHCI, but the manufacturer’s product page says it uses a VIA VT6212 chipset. If you go to VIA’s website you can find a product page for that here which says that it does support UHCI.

So odds are it will work.


I think someone needs to calm down.


my fight stick 3 works ok on windows7 x64


He meant his PS3 TE. For some reason, he can’t tell between that and a Hori FS3.