Ps3 tech issue?

question for you ps3 people. I just set up a wireless connection for my ps3, and after i did it, my ps3 froze. I have no idea why, I turned it on and it was fine, i did system update 2.43, and that was fine, but now when i turn off my system it takes awhile for it to shut off, the green light blinks a lot longer than it used to. anyone know what this might mean?

I have no idea what the problem is here. I would suggest just resetting up your wireless, see if that helps out at all. The ps3 can do weird things, personally I can’t stay signed into PSN for more than 15 minutes anymore. I think its the router at my house, but it just doesn’t get along with my ps3, everything else works fine, 360, pc, mac book, wii, and pc notebook. When I had my ps3 set up with wireless it caused the internet to go down for 2 two seconds when I turned the ps3 on. Pain in my ass.

I’ve noticed the same thing – I think it was the V2.43 update that did it.

hmm, i wonder?