PS3 tech question


I like to visit sites where I could download soundtracks from different video games, mainly I use Galbadia Hotel. I even download to my PS3 hard drive but there’s been some complications. Often times, I will look for a jpeg of the cover to put as the cover for the tracks. I find the cover on different sources, but when I go to the XMB menu screen, the PS3 does not want to accept the picture. Its way of telling me that it will not accept the picture is highlighting the file name in dark grey, instead of white.

Sometimes if I am lucky, I will somehow find a jpeg of gif file on the web browser that I can use as a soundtrack cover. What I would like to know is why the PS3 seems to pick and choose which picture I can and cannot upload as an album cover and what I can do to make sure that the PS3 does accept the picture I select as the album cover that I choose.


Double check with Sony’s support page. the PS3 will only support certain files and formats and even then for CD album covers the file have to be the correct size as well


In addition, I have this theory that maybe one reason for this problem is because of the System Updates PS3 will receive every now and then. There was a time when this problem never existed. This was probably in the time before the Playstation Network security breach that happened in or around April 2011. Maybe the updates enforced stricter rules on album covers.


Well the link I sent you is there official support site.
Also just like Windows Media Player, The PS3 using the Meta tag info Sony will search for and find there own album info and images.


I only think that feature is useful if I am going to use Music Unlimited but I think I will give that one a try.
I’m also going to contact technical support if that doesn’t help.


What about this?
The Plasystation 3 system supports jpeg omages, but only if they are (DCF 2.0/Exif 2.21 compliant) . How would I know if my pictures are DCF 2.0 or Exif 2.21 compliant? Maybe if I know that, I would be able to do something about the album cover problem.