PS3 to 360 adapter and fightstick

I have a PS3 MadCatz TE R2 which I’ve been meaning to dual mod some time. However, I am unsure if it’s a good idea. For one, I’m not sure I could do it properly, and also, if I try it and screw it up, I have no means to get a new stick for quite a while. And now that I got UMvC3 for the 360 I really want to use my stick to play.

While browsing around randomly I came upon this:

Now, that seems like a great solution for me. Have anyone tried these (especially with a fightstick)?
I’m sure they work, I’m just concerned that response time might take a hit.

I believe that adapter is for playstation 1/2 to either playstation 3 or xbox 360, not from ps 3 to 360. I could be wrong on that.

I see a switch on the side that lets you switch from PS3 to 360? Kinda leads me to believe it’s meant for a ps2 to 360/PS3.

I have that adapter, I can get it working using a 360 controller on ps3, but i cant get it to work using a ps3 controller on 360.

do you know if a fightstick form madcatz for 360 works on PS3 with this adapter?

I tested my xb360 TE on it and it worked.

what kind of test did you do?