PS3 to Comp Monitor


Hey guys i just wanted to know if it was possible to connect my PS3 to my DELL monitor using these

And if it would come out at a high quality
My monitor is a DELL SE198WFP

Thanks in advance xp

oh also- the monitor doesnt have built in speakers 0,0;; is there anyway to get sound?


Your monitor should have DVI. For best quality use HDMI to DVI. FYI if you watch moves your PS3 usually drops to 24Hz which could hurt your monitor. Gaming should be fine.

Also for sound. It depends on what you are using for sound. (Line-in on a Computer, or speakers that have jacks built in them.) You can use multi-cable setups.

Like when I was at work. I used HDMI from my PS3 to DVI to my monitor. For sound I used the Audio/Video (Yellow, White, Red) cable with a convertor like this one

and plugged it into the Line-in on my PC’s sound card. Then I went into the PS3 settings > Sound and set it to Audio Input Connector.

Hope this helps.


wait i would tottaly disconnect my PC from the monitor correct? then just hook up the PS3 to the monitor? and then get that thing for audio and just plug it into the speakers?? or the back of my pc?


I too was wondering this. about how much does a HDMI to DVI connector go for and would any brand/type do well or are there better ones to use?

EDIT: just googled “HDMI to DVI converter” and found this . Would this work for using PS3 on a Computer Monitor?

But to answer your question I believe you would hook up your PS3 to your speakers.


Yes you would need to totally disconnect your Monitor from your PC if it is using DVI. If not you can just leave it plugged in. This is a HDMI to DVI cable that you would need.

The small flat part is the HDMI the thick part with pins is the DV-i end. The HDMI would go into your PS3, the DV-i would go into your Monitor. The one you posted is a LCD and should support DV-i.

As for the sound, as long as your computer has a Line-in you are fine.


I have my PS3 connected to my PS3 and what I did was use and HDMI cable and and HDMI to DVI converter to get the video working
for sound I used the standard cables that came with and hooked that directly to my speakers
to get audio
all you need to do is go to the settings to set where each source is coming from


And brand works. I’ve used a cheap on and monster. Both work great.

About his sound, it all depends on if the speakers he is using in that area have jacks for left/right (white/red)

#8 is the greatest cables and adapters website around. I definitely recommend them. You can get 6 foot hdmi cable for 2$ (which would be like 100$ in stores like “Best” Buy). All of their products are tested to work too.


Nice, thanks for the info peeps. Been holding off buying a PS3 since I don’t have a good TV to use it with, but my LCD monitor is decent for gaming.

If they release a SF 4.5 Dash/Turbo/whatever I’ll probably crack and buy a PS3 for it now that I know I can use it with my monitor.




ok so i have that exact cable above and i have a ps3 slim and a DELL SE198WFP which can support HDCP I have tried holding down the power button with no luck I have reset the monitors settings no luck and i have even connected my ps3 to my old lcd tv and the monitor to mess with the settings and i have had no luck can anyone help me?