PS3 to Dreamcast for sticks?

I’m planning on going to some tournaments for MvC2, and I really don’t feel like buying a PS3. Is there anyway I could get/make an adapter so I could use a PS3 stick with my DC?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m a software guy, not hardware.

There is no USB to anything.

Is that what a PS3 uses? USB?



I just really need to not spend any more money. Thanks, brah.

Depending on the stick, it may be not to difficult to modify. If it’s a MadCatz, there’s a pin connector inside of it. Solder wires to each of the buttons on a 6 button Dreamcast pad, and then run them to the pin connector. I’m sure you could find someone local who could do it.

Thanks. I know some people, so this should do just fine.