PS3 to headphones?

So a long time ago (When the 360 first came out) I bought a VGA cable for the system and it came with a handy little adapter that turned the red and white into a single output, which I could plug computer speakers into (or headphones) I have since lost that little peice, and I now find myself wanting to play my PS3 on my computer monitor when my GF is watching TV, but I have no way of getting audio from it. Where can I find something that will let me hook my headphones up to my PS3?

I need new computer speakers anyways, so if there is a cheap pair of computer speakers that have a red/white audio input, that would be great, but I’d be happier with a little adapter.

Thanks in advance!!!

Would this work for you?

I’d tell you what I use, but then I realize that it’s more expensive than a regular adaptor… or a pair of cheap speakers.

[spoiler=I tell you anyway]
Astro MixAmp running through optical cable.

My PS3 is hooked up to my audio system which has a headphone jack. If something like that is not for you though, that cable that Eperelez linked to will do the trick.

i wish i had the money for that solution

i improvised with my pair of siberia v2’s and a steelseries audio mixer for my xbox
it doesn’t do optical but it gets the job done

in any ways, you can easily get the adaptor from monoprice for dirt cheap

does 61 cents tickle your fancy?

i picked this up a while back and it still works like new
granted there was a little hiccup and i realized that the audio was reversed (red was white and white was red for no apparent reason whatsoever)
anyways for 61 cents its really good

I didn’t either. I entered an art contest at Unity and won it.

oh yeah i remember that now

and oh jesus i just looked on astro’s website and found out they got bought out / partnering with skullcandy
if i was ever considering them before, now they just lost me

Eww. Keep your hipsters out of my designer gaming headphones!

This is what i went with. Although mine had a male end on the 3.5mm side so i used a gender changer. This also helps you use a pc speaker.

Thanks a ton! Glad to hear they work well!

Edit: Does anyone know if I can pick those up in a store? I’d like to have them for tomorrow

That should technically work since the signals are the same but one question guys: How’s he going to change the volume? Few RCA/Phono plug source devices actually have a built in control. His monitor or computer speakers might but if he’s going to try and use standard headphones, won’t he need something like a mini-amp too?

I’m sure he’ll want to use headphones if he’s anywhere near the vicinity of the missus while playing games.

Anyway, I don’t think every place carries them but they’re really none too uncommon in stores. If you wanna make a safe bet, run down to radio-shack. I had a radio shack branded one just lying around. I don’t think I even know when or how I got it but I see them all the time there.

Radio Shack would be worth a look.

Some headphones (particularly those used in gaming) have a volume control built in already.

Huh… I never thought about that… How am I going to change the volume?

I use a setup with an USB rechargable one and it works pretty good.
Component or composite red and white goes into a RCA stereo female to 3.5mm male which in turn goes into an amp or mini amp. Plug in a headphone and you’re ready.

An alternative would be getting a volume control cable. Same setup as above but with the cable instead of the amp and instead of using a 3.5mm male you’d want a female one.

I’d probably take this opportunity to buy some new PC speakers AND get the ‘RCA to stereo mini’ cable.

Quite often PC speakers will have their own volume control and a lot of them have an auxiliary output for headphones in which the volume is adjusted by the volume control on the speakers.

Eliminate both problems at the same time.

Good idea! I’m going to go buy a pair of cheaper computer speakers. Thanks!

Erm, it’s a good idea but perhaps not entirely the greatest one. My one nitpick with it is if you’re going to buy new speakers, wouldn’t it be a better idea to get ones with an RCA jack you can plug into in directly, instead of a conversion cable? You’ll have fewer connection points that way and you’ll save yourself approximately five bucks in the process. Granted it’s probably no worse if you have to use an extension cord anyway due to the but pendent on your exact setup, you might not have to do that.

True but it’s not the standard and rather quite limiting actually, in that you’d need to pick a headphone that has one. I remember having a hard time trying to find such a pair and the one pair of headphones I did find were Koss branded headphones on clearance at Radio Shack for $5. I remember really hated those things and I hadn’t worn anything over $10-$15 MSRP yet.

Like this? Okay, I didn’t know volume controls were sold those separately from anything. That’s actually rather cool for independently controlling through a splitter or convenient in pocket changing for walks. I’ll definitely be grabbing something like that for my PSone (since a full blown amp, while preferable, would be much bulkier to carry and perhaps unnecessary, since I could turn the screen’s main volume control up to compensate for signal loss). Thanks for the info.

I’m using the USB soundcard of my SteelSeries Siberia Headset, but probably any soundcard with a CMEDIA CMI chip will do. Try a cheap one for ~5$; most likely, it will be enough. The advantage of this method is, that you can also connect a non-bluetooth microphone (which is imho MUCH better!)…

Amazon has a sale on Ear Force DSS which is similar to the Astro Mixamp.