Ps3 to laptop


I was wondering if I could get my ps3 hooked up to my laptop for a monitor. Im going to iraq and I dont play well with others :chat: so I would like to be able to not share my shit

I have a dv6000 laptop. It has s video port and 4 usb slots.


I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say no.

Unless your Laptop has an INPUT for video or some kind of capture card, then you can’t use it as a monitor


will that work out for you?
probably not what you’re looking for.


no thats not the right answer…
sorry flight that was to the first guy.

To you.

No thats not it either :\


Here’s the 411,

If your laptop doesn’t have a capture card or anything like that, it won’t work as a monitor.

You could get an external capture device but it’ll most likely lag a good amount.


Ah alright guess now I will settle for the 10" monitor :frowning:

Also… I saw this thing that converts the multi color cords (forgot name) into usb


They do have RCA to USB adapters, which would probably at least get the video to show up.

I have a feeling there’d be way too much lag though. They’re like $20 if you want to give one a shot though.


lag bad :frowning: well thanks guys…

Next step:

A cheap laptop capable of doing this


Just buy a 23" ACER HD Monitor. They’re like 180-200 bucks or so and it can double up as a second monitor if your laptop has VGA output


Yeah, you’re not going to find a lot of cheap laptops with video input and no lag.


It is cheapest if you get the smallest LCD TV, or maybe a Portable DVD with video inputs.



thanks guys