Ps3 to pc monitor?

is there a possible way to connect ps3 to my pc monitor? well since sf4 is coming out and i have no HD t.v i do have a flat screen monitor. so i no for a fact it should look alot better on my pc monitor. is there a converter out there that works and already tested? thnks in advance. i wana play sf4 in atleast 720p :stuck_out_tongue:

i think there wasnt any official sony ps3 vga cable but there should be one from a 3rd party … cant say anything about picture quality with this cable because i dont own one

or you can get a hdmi cable and a hdmi to dvi adapter … but no blueray movies without a HDCP compatible monitor

found in the stickys

supposed to work very well.

You could also get a cheap $5 HDMI cable (Assuming you don’t have one) from and an HDMI -> DVI converter also for like $5. Great alternative imo.

hm im likin this. looks much is it? has it been tested from a srk member?

Don’t bother with a VGA box, just get a HDMI-to-DVI cable, or a HDMI-to-DVI converter.
Way cheaper, and all-digital (not that that really matters :rofl:)

edit That’s what I get for shooting off my stupid mouth – a VGA cable for Wii/PS3, you say? AWESOME.

What kind of a monitor do you have? Does it output 16:9 or 16:10? If it outputs 16:10 you could run a vga box to get rid of the black bars on the top and bottom of the screens.

^ i use this right now works really well

except i have slightly diffrent ratio than 16:9 its more like 16:10 slight distortion might be a problem with fighting games i could be wrong

and i just use the sound out put from the composite to speakers with some adapters

Thanks James123

good find for that site man!

found some products on there that would help me record my play session at home.


This is something I may have to try, as I’ve been reading on these forums that usually the vga ports on HDTVs have less lag than their hdmi/component counterparts. For $5 bucks it can’t hurt to try it.

i have a acer monitor.dont no the model tho but is a 19 inch. not wide screen. how can i tell what model i have without the manuel?

I was thinking about building head 2 head cabinet for my PS3, was wondering if anyone knows of a video splitter that works well, and I was curious to whether or not they lag?

this one is a good price.

sometimes in the OSD menu it will tell you somewhere.

its usually also marked on the back somewhere.

Do not bother with a vga box! Why spend all that money for nothing? Go HDMI to DVI. Cheap. Works amazing! Trust me!!

I have used my PS3 with my monitor before with a HDMI - DVI cable and it was very nice I must say :).

do u guys have a link where to buy that? and how do u guys deal with sound. since the monitor dont have speakers how would i hear sound?

Same here, I bought one after being frustrated with the tiny writing on GTA My PS3 is hooked up to a 19 inch widescreen Dell monitor. It’s awesome supports all resolutions and upscales DVDs.

I send the sound through the RCA jack to my stereo, easy pezy.

Tip, Make sure your monitor is HDCP compatible otherwise your wasting your time.

A decent monitor is good cheap HD option. Just make sure you do your homework first :wink:

I used a hdmi to dvi cord and it worked perfect, even got to watch BDs on my 1400x900 monitor.


otherwise you are wasting money and time. you will just get a black screen if your monitor isn’t hd compatible. vga is your best bet if its not hdcp

Yeah, no picture at all with hdmi/dvi if your monitor doesn’t support hdcp, not just with movies.

As for sound you can run it through the standard rca cables and plug those into a set of speakers(with an rca to 3.5mm adapter if necessary.)