PS3 to PS2 adapter?


Last I recall, there’s no way for the current generation controllers ( 360/Wii/PS3 ) to be adapted to any previous console…

I guess I was wondering if that’s changed in the last couple of weeks? D: This way I don’t have to dual-mod a stick to be compatible for the PS2… ( I have the shitty PS3, the one without backwards compatability )


If you find one let me know.



Is this at all possible? Getting your ps3 fightstick to work on ps2?




To further explain, you can’t really go from USB to PS2/Gamecube/anything else that’s not USB practically. It’s the nature of the connector.


But also the ps2 slim has usb ports for a wide array of add-ons including arcade sticks according the spec sheet. So I guess there is a logic issue not really interface problem.

I guess this question has been asked to death, just hoping someone came up with a solution by now. This sucks…

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The USB ports are not used for controller input (except for Seaman). Even if there was some elaborate addon to make this happen I imagine the games would need to be patched. There’s also not much of a financial incentive to make this happen.

Yes it sucks. And yes it has been asked to death.


The only way i know a Ps3 stick can work on a Ps2 is if it has been multi modded.



USB sticks work on the PS2 IF a game is programmed for it.

The Hori Flight Stick 2 (USB) is a PS2 version of a PC flightstick made specifically for the Ace Combat games released on the PS2. It works with all of them with an exception – no vibration feedback on Ace Combat 4 and a few of the buttons are flipped on Ace 4, too. It does NOT, however, support other flight sim games on PS2… It doesn’t work with the Lethal Skies series among others.

The Flight Stick 2 also only works on Backwards Compatible PS3’s with the the three PS2 Ace games, too… No word if the upcoming Ace Combat game (TBA, although GameStop computers weren’t updated as of this Saturday to my knowledge) will support the Flight Stick 2 or if (more likely) Hori will release a Flight Stick 3 for the upcoming PS3 game. The FS2 stick sure didn’t work with the two HAWX games or Il-2 on PS3. The 360 already has a Hori Flight Stick modelled after the FS2 that will almost certainly work with the 360 version of the upcoming Ace game, too.


uh, no…the shitty PS3s are the ones with bc


It’s possible build something that does that - like hooking an Arduino w/ USB host shield into a MC Cthulu, but it’s cheaper and easier just to put the MC Cthulu in the stick.


It’s possible to create a PS3 to PS2 converter, but as I see it, it would take something like an embedded software handling the input USB signal - recognizing the HID device - and preparing and outputting the PS2 one, and this is more elaborate than regular controller adapters that just worry about wires. I don’t know if it could be simpler.

I would build a converter like I described if I had the knowledge, but that is the kind of thing a computer engineer would do.


I second what h1tm0nl33 said.