Ps3 to ps2 converter?

I’m thinking of getting a sega stick to use with the pc. It would be awsome if I could also get it to work on the ps2, but do such converters exist? I know their releasing ps2 to ps3 converters, but what about the other way around?

^^im guessing

hmm i wondered too, but they would have made them by now cause USB and ps2 has been around for a while.

the only way i see it is you are going to have to mod that Sega High grade stick with a ps2 pad if you want to use it with ps2 thats what am going to do:wink:

I spent some considerable while looking for something like this and couldnt find anything of the sort.

Just wondering has anyone seen anything like this around as I have the ps3 hori and it would be handy if I could use it with the ps2 via adapter

According to the 1st post of the Controller Adapter/Converter thread there is no such thing.

I posted an answer in the proper thread for this stuff.

no such thing