PS3 To SNES converters

Is there one…My nephew wants it for his PS3

lol what? First of all, what do you mean, something that lets him use a SNES controller on his PS3, or vice versa? Ive seen playstation controllers shaped like SNES controllers, but nothing like that.

KnightWarrior, if the Controller Adapter/Converter thread has taught me anything it’s that there is no such thing as a USB to any game console adapter out on the market right now. So, no, there’d be no way for your nephew to use his PS3 controller on his SNES.

If that’s not what you mean, then I thought you once tested out a SNES Retroport on your PS3 successfully? Will that not work or something?

You can buy a Playstation 1 or 2 --> SNES convertor. Wanting to use a Sixaxis is really unnecessary.

I can’t find a link, but it’s some random company that makes PSX --> Most any system (TG-16 and Saturn even – talk about unnecessary) converters.

Unless you’re asking to use a SNES pad on a Playstation 3. In that case you’re prob outta luck.

He could daisy-chain converters like this(if a snes->PS2 converter exists) SNES->PS2->PS3

But what havoc would that cause?

Also, I found this. I don’t know if it works for the PS3, but it only hurts your pockets to try.

I think I got it backward, sorry guys…playing SNES Controllers on the PS3, The Super Joybox Works…but the button mapping is all wrong

This is one of the ones I have and as you said the button mapping is all wrong. The SNES controller doesn’t have enough inputs to emulate the PS3 controller. They also sell an adapter similar to the one linked above but it has the same issue.

whoa you’re back. welcome back from your hiatus!

wait huh?

It was a whole mess with our old apartment building going under foreclosure and waiting for a new apartment to open up…

Good to be back around though. I missed this place.

Can someone hack a Super Joybox Convertor to work like a PC Twin Shock…Of cource the 2 Analog Sticks the R1 & R2 will be missing

B - X
A - O
Y - []
X - ^
L - L1
R - R1
St - St
Se - Se

Would be easier to just make it as a project box setup.

A snes to usb adapter from would probably work, and even if the button layout was mixed up you could just reconfigure you controls in the games menu.

yeah… in fighters.
but usually not other games.

The problem is that the home button automatically gets assigned to a button. I don’t know of any games that let you change that…

I’m going to get the retro USB Adapter in Jan.

What’s a home button for?

The ps3 home button. It’s for accessing the ps3’s menu system.

oh as in the PS Button

Where? I would love to play SNES with my PS1 Namco.

This might help the OP.