PS3 to VGA cable?

Since the monitor I use in my room doesn’t have HDMI, is it possible to make my own cable to connect PS3 to VGA monitor? Has anyone tried doing this?

I believe you can purchase an official VGA cable for the PS3.

Either that, or get the Mayflash one.
Wii/PS3 VGA Cable -Transfer pictures from the Wii and PS3 console that can be displayed on a PC monitor or HD TV

ps3 to vga

I have a vga component cable/female adapter. I run a ps3 component cable into it when I game on my projector and it works fine. As far as my monitor it works there too, but it takes some tweaking of the video settings to make it viewable. But luckily i have a monitor that dosent have the hdmi video protection thingy hope this helps.

Cool, I just found a cable for cheap, Premium 1.5M 5FT HDMI-VGA Cable for Xbox PS3 HDTV DVD - eBay, Cables, Television Accessories, Electronics. (end time 11-Sep-10 20:06:13 AEST)

But still am interested to know if its possible to make the cable with the stuff I got at home already? I have VGA and spare HDMI and PS3 cables…