PS3 to X-Box adapter

I managed to find this, but it’s a little expensive.

XCM Cross fire converter

Approximate retail is $80-90.00 USD

This seems to be exactly what I need, minus the rapid fire option. Anyone seen anyting like this that is not so expensive? I have a Tournament Stick for my PS3, but POWNZ is exclusively X-Box so I am SOL there. I am thinking of asking them if they would consider buying one or two for PS3 players like myself so I can bring my stick in on SF night.

I’d recommend you check the Tech Talk section of SRK to see if this has been covered (there’s a thread about converters with pros/cons). If there is no lag on the converter then yeah it’d be worth the while to recommend to Lorenzo and Chris they pick a couple of them up. There’s so many PS3 players that aren’t happy playing on 360, it’d be a big help for the rest of us.

Man oh man, you’re better off buying a Madcatz 360 pad ($40 CAD + tax) and spending the time learning to solder.

Someone’s already done it here:

and I plan on doing something similar to my modded T5 Hori.

I only would ever play SF IV on an X-Box at Pownz or similar situation. If this actually works, risking damage to my stick and spending the time and money to mod it is a waste.

I looked at that post and it is feasible to do, but there are issues to factor in and cost as well. Buying controller as a donor + parts + time is quite comparable to just buying this adapter. Factor in that more than one person can use it and the adapter is a better choice for the occasional X-Box player like myself.

I found a video showing it working, but there is really no way to know if it works perfectly with no lag or not until it’s in your hand.

I’ll go look for the thread about convertors, thanks for the info.

that thing is beastly big