PS3 to Xbox 360 Converter


Hi. I currently play on a Hori Fighting Stick 3 and I want to invest in a converter from PS3 to Xbox 360. I found one called the XCM Cross Fire Converter however i havent heard anything about it and it’s 80 bucks. I’m just wondering if there is a cheaper alternative available or if i should just get a separate stick for tournaments played on 360.


it sucks dont get it just buy another stick the vote will be unanimous


No, people will vote to use a cthululu.


Yeah cthulu that shit up


cthulhu will do nothing for the op


Yeah, If you’re not confident in your abilities enough to Padhack another controller in there, It’ll probably be better to get a whole new stick.

Sucks, I know.


For 20 more dollars you might be able to track down an 360 MvC2 TE at your local Gamestop. That’d be far more worth your money.


Dual modding is the best method feasible if you would like to use a 360 controller as well as PS3 support on one stick.
Cthulhu boards works with the PS3 only, and for other various systems with the MC Cthulhu. It does Not have 360 support.
Get a Madcatz 4716 Gamepad controller and an Imp board. Those two parts will allow you to use it for the 360 while the Imp board governs the switch between 360<->PS3.
An estimate of these parts will be 40-45 dollars in total.


Cheapest way to go would probably be to just buy a Hori EX2. It’s almost the exact same stick (different button layout, no turbo, works on 360) as your FS3 and you can find them for $40-50 nowadays.


yeah the converters suck…it’s easier to dual mod with a 360 stick too. So you might want to try to sell yours, and pick up a 360 one then dual mod. But as far as cheap, it would be the cheapest just to buy another stick…