Ps3 to xbox 360 coverter for TE stick?

i tried searching but i couldnt find here on the forums… i have a ps3 TE stick and would like to know if there is a converter so that i can use it on a xbox 360 system…

thanks in advance

Actually, there is:

There’s one by the same brand that is the opposite also (360 to ps3). I don’t know how well it works, so read some reviews.

Also, it seems a bit expensive. Almost $100.

Pretty sure the XCM converters lag like all hell.
You’re better off throwing a 360 pcb in it and dual modding it, which you can do for under $40.


Yes it exists, but I am assuming he wanted a working convertor. That convertor does not work according to this thread.

Thanks for the info! everyone, guess im gonna have to find someone or a store in the NY that mod arcade sticks cuz im noo good with technical stuff such as moding

Yo if your by Manhattan try VideoGamesNY i think they can mod for you…I think. if anything look on their site.

wow now I am extremely interested in this. How much do you think they will charge to dual mod a PS3 TE?

Hmm well i’ve never had them do it cause i do my own but im guessing 10-30 bucks

I highly recommend Gummowned. He’s in VA though. I’ve shipped two of my sticks to him, and came back pristine. Best dude out there to get some dual mod stuff done.

If you’re in NY contact NetworkingYuppy (aka Ben Fond). He does amazing work.

I highly doubt it would be this cheap. Maybe if he has all the parts ready maybe $30 for the man-hours but there’s no way he could just come in with a ps3 stick and have it dual modded for $30.

Ohhh…lol well i was gonna estimate it to 30-50 but i was thinking thats OD. Anyway if Crashblades is interested he should go there regardless of the mod cause it a nice place.

i just emailed the guys at videogamesnewyork and they don’t dual mod :frowning: oh well… I mean if it cost over 100$ to do it, I might as well just get a 360 stick lol

damn…well i guess thats why i try doing stuff myself. well getting a 360 stick isn’t bad Goodluck doing w/e

Is it possible to dual mod a PS3 TE Stick to use on Xbox 360 without soldering? I don’t know anything about soldering.

hmmm…I dont think so.

Ok, I’ll see if I can get some help, but it is possible to mod a PS3 stick, right? I only see tutorials of a X360 TE to PS3.

You can modify PlayStation 3 TE, yes.
There are Tutorials, yes.

Not possible without soldering.

I can get some help with the soldering, I think…

Thank you guys, I’ll look around and see if I can find something.